About Us

After the Indonesian economic crisis in 1998 ended, Indonesia experienced accelerated development in the industrial and commercial sectors. These conditions gave us the opportunity to work on both commercial and private projects.

Our goal as an Architectural planner is to make project planning starting from the design stage, selecting the team to be involved and coordinating during the planning and development period, so that the project can proceed as expected. A wise architectural concept is approaching the purpose and function of building utilization and paying attention to aspects of the environment and urban climate. Unique and dynamic outdoor and indoor designs supported by the accuracy of natural and artificial lighting analysis and air circulation analysis produce continuous architectural works.

Our company is an innovative architectural consulting firm in solving various design problems such as architectural, interior and urban. We always work consistently so we can create works that can change people and the environment for the better and more valuable.


Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno (Merr 2C)
Ruko Icon 21 Blok R-2
Surabaya, 60284
Jawa Timur

p: +62 81330602103
e: stephanus_paulus@yahoo.com